Clarins Multi Active Day & Night Creams

I have become quite the beauty junkie over the years, my ever growing collection of creams, body lotions, oils, and make up is huge.  I am spoilt for choice in what to use, but I do have my beauty faves that I use on a daily basis. Today I will be talking about a luxury brand that I use daily and that I have done for many years now.  I actually used to work as a beauty consultant for them many many years ago (before I hit my early 20’s) god that seems to long ago! Anyway, this fab brand is Clarins.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore this brand, skincare and make up they always make me look and feel fab.  

Clarins are well known for using plant extracts in their products, and we all know how good naturally based products are for the skin and the benefits they bring.   This is where Clarins have carefully chosen an organic plant extract called Myrothamnus to cleverly boost the Multi Active Day Cream.

Myrothamnus is a South African plant which has the ability to tolerate extremely dry conditions.  So during the dry season the plant’s cells product a substance called trehalose which allows them to rehydrate.  Genius right!? So this helps protect our dermal cells from harmful effects of stress which we all suffer at some points in our life or some on a daily basis. It also prevents cell ageing and makes fine lines visibly smoother and skin appears more toned.

I have been using the cream for just over a month now (I wanted to test for a few weeks to see if I could notice a difference in my skin) and do I trust this product? Totally! 
I have used my Multi Active Day Cream every morning and my skin has visibly improved, it feels lovely and smooth, my fine lines don’t appear as harsh as they did when I first started using the cream, I just generally have a better glow about me.  I have used many creams in my time and I can honestly say this is one of the best.
So to assist the Day Cream is the Multi Active Night Cream.  The plant extract used in the night cream is an extract called Californian Poppy.  A flower that closes at night to regenerate itself.  So you can imagine how good this is especially for tired looking skin.  If you’ve had a late night, or broken sleep then we all know the effects it can have on our skin making it look dull.  The Californian Poppy is helping give that boost at night to regenerate the skin whilst were sleeping and keep it glowing and give it that extra boost.

Both products are fab.  So if you suffer from tired looking skin, and are looking for a great anti ageing product then the Multi Active Day and Night Creams are definitely one’s I would recommend. 
Well done to Clarins for yet again creating two must have creams!

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