Complete Informative Guide on Purchasing a Baby Stroller

If you have got a new born baby or a child aged two or three, one of the first things that you need to buy is a baby stroller. Right from the time your baby is born until he starts walking on his own, you will have to make use of this very important parenting gear.

Like any other product in the market, you have got plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to buying a stroller. You need to choose whether you want a lightweight and cheap or a stylish and long-lasting stroller. Are you going to take it to the road or for a walk around your house? Or are you looking for a stroller that can carry more than one baby.

To buy the right stroller for your child, you need to be clear as to how much you are going to spend on it and how and where are you going to use it. You will need a sturdy model if you are going to the local market or navigate through narrow aisles.

If you own a car, you can consider buying an infant car seat stroller frame. If you are a regular jogger, and you would like your baby to accompany you, you can opt for a jogging stroller. It all boils down to the different places you carry your baby. If you have enough funds with you; you can also consider buying different kinds of strollers and use each one when the need arises.

Six Different Types of Strollers in 2020

Baby Strollers 2020

When you visit a local baby store to purchase a stroller, you will be presented with several options.

There are six different types of strollers. Here is a low down on each one of them:

Standard Strollers

Available in different designs, standard strollers come with a cushion seat which allows your child to sit comfortably wherever you push the stroller. Underneath the seat, there is a compartment where you can store small items like toys or milk bottle. You also get a sunshade which protects your baby from harmful sunrays. You can either get a stroller which allows you to place the baby facing towards you or you can keep him with his face facing forward. The design can vary from one stroller to the other. If the stroller is priced at a low price it may not have many features. On the other hand, strollers that come with multiple features may be priced expensively.

Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame

If you own a car, you can purchase a car seat stroller frame to use it with car seats that are specially designed for infants. In order to use it, you can simply snap out the car seat from the base and put it on the car stroller frame. Imagine traveling with your baby in a car, when he is fast asleep and you have reached your destination, you can simply remove the infant car seat and place it on the infant car stroller frame and take him wherever you go.

The infant car seat stroller frame can be stored in the trunk of your vehicle. They are light in weight and it won’t eat up much space. However, the infant car stroller frame is only useable until your baby size is less than infant car seat. Once your baby grows more than the size of your, the stroller won’t be of any use for you unless you are planning for another baby.

Travel-Friendly Strollers

These travels are great for parents who travels lot and have a baby. These are conventional type of strollers that come with additional infant car seat. As compared to the dedicated infant car stroller frame, such models are heavy and large. Even though it is costly, it has an advantage which allows you to continue to use it even after the size of the baby becomes more than that of the infant car stroller frame.

Lightweight or umbrella strollers

It is a compact stroller that can be folded completely. Its drawback is that the seat is not very comfortable and flexible. It does not have much support for comforting the head; hence it is not suitable for infants. Since they do come with manifold features, they are priced expensively. It is a good stroller for babies who have just started learning to walk. Such strollers are called umbrella strollers.

Jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are lightweight strollers that can be easily pushed around while jogging. Your child will never experience discomfort in a jogging stroller while you take your child on long walks. It even comes with a larger compartment for placing two babies beside each other.

Maneuvering over curbs and steep platforms can be done with ease with such a stroller. Unlike other strollers, this kind of stroller is not compact in size which makes it little difficult for you to carry it into lifts and stairs. If your baby is less than six months in age, the seller may advice you to buy an additional part for the safety of your baby.

Strollers for multiple babies

Double strollers or triple strollers are names used to refer strollers that can contain more than one baby. If you have two babies, you can use a double stroller to place one baby at the front and the other behind him. Such strollers can be easily moved through doorways. When you buy stroller for placing multiple babies, make sure the second seat has enough legroom space available.
Some conventional strollers also allow you to add an additional seat behind the original seat to place the other baby. A side-by-side model is also a good stroller that lets you place your babies one beside the other. It is not easy to travel outside in busy areas with such a stroller.

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