I am being lazy lately

Ever have a certain time in your life where you’re going so full force with everything that you don’t have time to breath, let alone work out? And it make you feel like a slug on the log? Yeah that’s me right now. We have so many jewelry shows coming up and the computer shop is so busy with this stupid FBI virus that I’ve only been able to work out with Lauren one time in the past two weeks. It’s been like that for the past month and a half. NO BUENO! I’ve been getting my workouts in at home at like -9:30-10 pm but it’s not the same. I knew it last night when I visited my family for a Wii-lly fun time (yeah…thank my sister for that bit of shenanigans) lol. Even though I remained the undefeated champion of Wii boxing, I realized that I feel like I’m not kicking my own ass enough in my home workouts.

I can’t wait for this to change.

On the plus side, the jewelry is selling like hotcakes and the Monster has never been better (except for one incident last week were I believe I may have just confirmed to her father that’s she’s gluten intolerant as well and needs it cut out of her diet.) They let the kid have 4 rolls with fake butter and Alfredo in abundance at a wedding!!

After that super nasty belly, I explained to her in 4 year terms why normal bread and noodles make our belly’s hurt and why Mommy has to eat special Mommy food. She, being my normal information gobbling little munchkin, has made it a point to start asking her Grandma, Daddy, and others not familiar with this eating style “Is this glutanin-three?” lol OK well we might have to work on her pronunciation of gluten free but it’s definitely a start. They have now started checking the labels on all non-whole food items.

This is a ginormous step for them because they used to think I was full of shit when I told them about the way and reasoning behind Paleo/ Gluten Free. It’s also been hard to try to keep her eating like she does at my house when she’s at her Daddy and Grandma’s houses. I’m not there. I can not control them. However, he will do anything that makes his baby feel better. I asked him just to TRY and get the snide thinking of normal food eaters out of his head for one second and look at the facts. We cut out gluten all together at my house and she’s probably 75 % paleo, if I had to guess. She sleeps better, better digestion, less mood swings, less issues at school…etc. You know the story. She’s at her Dad’s for his time with her and they let her eat “normal” food like sandwiches, mac and cheese, McDonald’s, etc. and she crashes more and has listening issues, her belly hurts, and she has pooping issues.

Finally got him to agree to try this. His argument was that he couldn’t afford to pay for the “special” groceries. I said what special groceries? Everything I get you can get at a produce stand or grocery store and it’s veggies, fruit, dead animal, and milk? (I have not completely cut out dairy for either of us) The only “special” stuff I get is almond flour and coconut oil when you get right down to it. So when you cut out the 3 boxes of Nutri-grain cereal bars, there’s the $10 you needed to buy the 1-2 lb bag of almond flour. Not that hard! 🙂 I think I may have gotten through a little.

After that horrible belly day and some neck pain, I decided that on our Mommy/Dooz lazy Sunday we were going to make a “special breakfast.” The little sous chef got her chair and brought it to the counter to start helping. We made Mommy style blueberry-chocolate chip pancakes and bacon with steamed Sweet Dumpling squash. Odd combo I know but mucho tasty! Hey…I let the 4 year old pick. LOL.

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