Pain Free Neck – Simple Tips To Keep A Healthy Neck

Having a kink in your neck can be quiet troublesome for many. You start thinking what wrong I did to cause my neck pain, Slept in a wrong position for long? or your some activity has caused this neck pain. As neck pain affects will hamper your everyday activities you want this problem to go away as soon as possible. Neck Pain throws a wrench into everything. Its seems like it is relentless too- seems like it will never go away. This article talks about how to prevent neck pain from disturbing your life. Tips you can use everyday to maintain a healthy, pain free neck.

Tip #1 Watch Your Neck Posture
Be wary of forward head posture – This is one of the most important tips for maintaining a Pain Free Neck. Having good neck posture is key. Preventing things like forward head posture can stop muscle spasm, neck pain, kinks in the neck etc. Forward head posture happens when during the most mundane tasks: watching tv, driving a car, working on the computer. If your head juts out too much- your head is too forward – you are putting too much stress on your neck muscles and upper back muscles. You can do head retraction exercises to help get rid of forward head posture or also use a neck exerciser.

Tip #2 Don’t Keep Your Head and Neck in one position for too long
If you talk on the phone for hours on head with your head to one side, this is for you. Any type of repetitive motion, such as talking on the phone, or keep your head bend forward while using your cell phone can cause neck pain. Again, you are stressing your neck muscles and ligaments. Wearing a head set is recommended and also taking breaks is important as well.

Tip #3 Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach – Not the healthiest sleeping Position
This position puts unnecessary stress on your neck. Imagine your poor neck gets cranked to one side which puts a tremendous amount of stress on the neck and upper back. This is how many people wake up with a stiff neck. Y

Tip #4 Don’t Sleep With Too Many Neck Pillows
Sleeping with too many neck pillows is not a good idea because this is the wrong position for your neck. It just your head and neck forward, thus putting strain on your neck muscles and upper back area.

Tip #5 Massage Your Neck Muscles
Massaging our neck muscles is important to keeping them loose and tension free. Muscles such as the suboccipitals can lead to headaches and neck pain when they are tight. Tension in these muscles will feel like a know and you will feel pain if you press directly on it. Going to a massage therapist or chiropractor for trigger point therapy will help relax your neck muscles. Choosing the best neck massager is also a good option, it is easy to use and are quiet effective in relieving neck pain.

Tip #6 Use a contoured neck pillow
Using a contoured neck pillow, such as the cervical traction neck pillow allows you to have the proper C Curve in your neck while sleeping. A good neck pillow should enable you to sleep on your back or on your side with no issues. One neck pillow that is Doctor recommended is the cervical traction neck pillow. It is a dual functioning neck pillow: for support and for traction. This neck pillow gives your cervical spine gentle neck traction when sleeping the “V” traction part of the pillow. This is great for patients who have neck pain due to a herniated disc, bulging disc or degeneration in the neck spine.

Tip #7 Stretch Your Neck
Just like any other area in the body we need to stretch to prevent injury and also to elongate the muscles. For example we often stretch our hamstrings before running. Our neck muscles get a workout daily from simple things like computer work, driving, even talking on the phone. We need to stretch to keep those muscle flexible. This prevents muscle strain or spams when doing one of these activities.

Tip #8 Strengthen Your Neck with Exercise
Keeping the neck muscles strong will also help to prevent neck injury such as a whiplash. Specific exercises help to balance the muscles by strengthening the weak musculature.These exercises can help to retrain posture and spinal alignment which helps keeps pressure off of nerves, hence reduces neck pain.

Tip #9 Get Your Spine Aligned Regularly
Getting our neck aligned by the chiropractor is important to maintain a healthy neck. Maintain optimal alignment in your neck with the proper c-curve means that your nervous system is functioning optimally. Your chiropractor can also send you for neck x-rays to see what type of neck curve you have. For example, having a straight neck spine also called a military neck can be the cause of a lot of neck pain and stiffness.

Tip #10 Keep Your Neck in Mind When Sneezing or Vomiting
You might laugh at this tip- but all these actions can throw your neck out. A violent sneeze can cause neck pain that will last for days. You can easily strain your neck muscles if you are in the wrong position when sneezing. As we talked about before in this lens, having a forward head posture or bad neck posture can be the cause of neck pain. If your head is forward when you sneeze, you can strain the muscles in your neck and upper back even further. It is important to be in a neutral head position if you have cough or sneeze.

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